Wood Carving Projects

  • Design and carve custom-made furniture, including chairs, tables, dressers, headboards, columns, frames, etc.
  • Restore and refinish fine furniture, custom woodwork and period reproductions. Activities include cleaning and waxing, finish and structural consolidation of deteriorated artwork, reconstruction and carving of severly damaged pieces. 

ROB_3051 ROB_3055




Corbel is a different kind of architectural feature 

2 Replies to “Wood Carving Projects”

  1. Amazing work.Im just learning to carve I’m from Canada was volunteer fire fighter and diagnosed with PTSD my therapist suggest wood carving I started short time ago and truly enjoy but self taught is very hard hard.Do you ever offer a class at all thank you Steve.

    1. Hi Steve, I am glad you contact me. Yes I am offer woodcarving class. I do live in Erie, PA. I don’t know if you can make the trip over here. this coming Saturday February 15th and 22nd. from 9:00- 3:00. The class is already sold. but if you are coming form Canada. I can make you a space. If you can’t for this class. in April I will be teaching another class, the dates I am still working on it. The tuition is $200.00 for the two session class.

      Please you can contact to my email address: freartrestoration@gmail.com


      Fredy Huamán

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