Fredy Huaman Mallqui, brought his wood carving tools that elaborated with his own hands, he came to the United States in Spring 2012. Fredy also brought with him the most precious tools: his sensibility, creativity, skills and expertise that have accumulated with patience and observation, careful of the details in Fredy’s work as part of his daily life. As an art conservator, wood carver, and gilder.

Growing up in the city of Ayacucho, Peru (est. 1540), the Peruvian capital of the craftsman, he have inherited an active appreciation of a rich cultural heritage, which is product of the syncretism between Spanish and Local cultures. He learned wood carving from master carvers at the age of 9 years old and since then have developed his own technique to design, carve and conserve intricate pieces in Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, and Romanesque styles. Trained by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture in the conservation of diverse objects of art, Fredy worked in the provinces of Cuzco and Apurímac (Peru) conserving religious art, wooden and plaster polychrome sculptures, furnitures, frames, architectural elements in wood and plaster, gilded pieces and murals dating from the XVI-XVIII centuries.

Since relocating to the United States (Erie, PA), Fredy have continued to develop his professional skills as a freelance conservator, wood carver and gilder.