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Fredy Huamán Mallqui

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A place for Artwork, Decorative Arts, Furniture and Architectural Elements for Religious Buildings, Conservation and Restoration, Custom Made Furniture, Architectural Ornamentation, etc.

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Fredy Huamán´s Biography

Fredy Huamán Mallqui was born in Ayacucho, Perú.  Located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, Ayacucho is known as the Peruvian capital of the craftsman. In Ayacucho, Fredy studied Fine Arts at The Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala School of Fine Arts. Later, he  worked as an Art Conservator with the Ministry of Culture of Peru (former National Institute of Culture). Prior to relocating to the United States, Fredy collaborated with Master Wood Carver Leonardo Villafuerte in Cuzco. Presently, Fredy lives and carves in Erie, PA, and conserves artwork for the Erie Art Museum, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie and private collectors.


Art Conservator and Wood Carver 2012 – 2015 Conserves artwork for the Erie art Museum, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, Erie historical Society and private collectors.

 Wood Carver and Artwork Conservator February 2011 – February 2012 Leonardo Villafuerte´s Workshop, Cuzco, Peru

  • Restore and refinish fine furniture, custom woodwork and period reproductions;
  • Activities include cleaning and waxing, finish and structural consolidation of deteriorated artwork, reconstruction and carving of severly damaged pieces.
  • Design and carve custom-made furniture, including chairs, tables, dressers, headboards, columns, frames, etc.

Fine Art Conservator August 2008-December 2010 Ministry of Culture (Former National Institute of Culture) (INC), Regional Sub Directorate – Cuzco, Peru.

Supervisor: Aquiles Choque, achoque@hotmail.com (051)-084582030 Conserve and restore art collection in situ, Our Lady of Cocharcas Church (circa 1620), Cocharchas, Apurímac, Peru.

  • Examine collection, propose intervention, execute and document conservation treatments.
  • Period religious artwork and artifacts (1600-1700s): retablos (altars), frames, sculptures, mural and oil paintings in diverse materials, including wood, plaster, agave, stone, and gold, silver, bronze gilt.

Collaborating Photographer, August 2008 National Institute of Culture (INC), Ayacucho, Peru

Supervisor: Marleny Mariscot Alarcón, mariscot2@hotmail.com

  • Visually document ceramic, weaving and arms collections at three regional INC museums.

Freelance Photographer, September 2007 – July 2008

National Institute of Culture (INC), Lima, Peru

Supervisor: Soledad Mujica, smujica@inc.gob.pe

  • Visually document annual religious pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Cocharcas, (Apurímac, Peru).
  • Collaborate in institutional film  “Mamita Cocharcas,” published July 2008.

Fine Art Painter, July – December 2007; April – December 2005  Julio Galvez Gallery, Ayacucho, Peru

Supervisor, Julio Galvez Ramos, galvezsac@yahoo.pe

  • Paint alabaster statues.

Independent Art Conservation Technician, January – June 2007

  • Conserve and restore colonial oil paintings, private collection of Mr. Cesar Silva Pinto.

Photographer, July – December 2006 La Calle Regional Daily, Ayacucho, Peru

Graphic Designer, January – June 2006 La Calle Regional Daily, Ayacucho, Peru

  • Coordinate and edit newspaper layout.

Individual Photography and Painting Exhibitions 

2009 Producto Peruano, (painting installation). University of San Marcos Cultural Center, Lima. January 22 – March 21. Curator Juan Peralta, jmperalta@pucp.edu.pe

2008 Ritualidad, Fotografíá, Fredy Huamán Mallqui, (photography). Royal College Exhibition Hall, Rural Andean History Seminar, University of San Marcos, Lima. March 8 – May 2. Curator, Rosaura Andazabal, rosaura_andazabal@hotmail.com

2007 Wawa Pampay, Infants´ Funeral (itinerant photography exposition). Municipal Gallery, City of Moche, Trujillo. November 23 – December 14.

National Museum, National Institute of Culture, Lima. November 2 – 16. Curator, Soledad Mujica, smujica@inc.gob.pe


Huamán, Fredy. Su adentrito. 2008. Painting assemblage. Museum of Contemporary Art, University of San Marcos, Lima.



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1. Workshop Examination & Documentation with Ultraviolet Radiation August 11-15, The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Buffalo State University, 2014

2. Workshop Preserving your photographic collections July 19, Protecting collections: Disaster prevention, planning and response March 13 and April 23, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) Erie PA 2013

  1. Diploma, Professional Artist, Painting Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala School of Fine Arts, Ayacucho, Peru 2000-2005


Wood carving; Art conservation examination, intervention proposal and restoration treatments; Art restoration community outreach;  Digital photography;  Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint; Group collaboration; Problem solving.


Spanish, (Native language), FLUENT understanding, speaking and writing

Quechua, FLUENT understanding, speaking and writing

English, intermediate understanding, speaking and writing



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